#DevReportNG- Ep12: #OpenContractingLagos


The most useful tool to address and tackle the issue of corruption in any society is radical transparency. Institutional opacity and absence of responsiveness strengthen misappropriation of public funds.

Open knowledge of how taxpayers’ money are disbursed is crucial to the development of every society.

It is the interest of both the government and the governed to promote the understanding of procurement processes, contract award processes; contract cost, bidder’s information and who monitors the contract implementation.

How Open is Government Contracts bidding process, what you should know about Open Contracting as a Tool for Civic Engagement; I have in the studio this morning:

Patrick Enaholo, PhD, Director, Open Data Research Center, School of Media and Communication, Pan Atlantic University, Lagos.

Also Adesola Afolabi, a Financial Reporter from Business AM Newspaper


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