#DevReportNG- Ep11: #EquipMachina


Guest :  Hamzat Lawal an activist who has successfully led grassroots campaigns in over 40 African countries with over nine years’ experience in the non-profit sector and specializes in practical issues associated with advocacy campaigns and development policies as it affects rural and deprived grassroots communities.

He is currently the Founder/Chief Executive of Connected Development (CODE), under his leadership CODE won the ONE Africa 2016 Award which recognizes, rewards, and advances the exceptional work of Africa based organisations; dedicated to helping the continent achieve the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs.

On Issues in Focus segment this week, we are going to Machina Community in Yobe State. In our last two editions precisely episode 9, we talked about Advocacy on Basic Health Care Provision Fund (BHCPF), this week we are telling a story of Machina Community through Connected Development, an NGO based in Abuja and initiator of Follow The Money campaign.

First let me tell you about Machina Community; The ancient city of Machina is Local government headquarter of Machina local government, Yobe State.  Machina is in Yobe North Senatorial District, Machina local government has border with Nguru, Yusufari, Local government in Yobe state, Birniwa in Jigawa state and the Republic of Niger. Also known for nationally and internationally for it is ancient history, culture and tradition, like horse riding (Durba)r.

The Issue; Machina Community has a single health facility to serve more than 15,000 populations and with no Medical Doctor or trained personnel in the facility.

Follow The Money is an initiative of Connected Development [CODE], that advocate, visualize and track government spending and how effective it has been in rural communities visited Machina and launched #EquipMachina.


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